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Archive for June 28th, 2010

Did you realize that one of the most destructive infestations found in the eastern US is the Japanese beetle? Not a lot of people recognize but this variety of beetle infects the urban gardening vegetation over any other unwanted insects discovered in the region. Actually observed in the year 1916 after being unveiled in Nj unintentionally, this bug was only determined to occur in Japan. Individuals then didn’t possibly think it was a serious pest!

Big locations of turf, grazing land, substantial amount of plant species on which adult beetles could feed on and more than anything else, a lessening of valuable organic enemies make this particular region a very helpful climate for these Japanese beetles to live in . This appropriate climate helps the beetles to boost in numbers greatly, enlarging their envirionmental range north to Ontario and Minnesota, west to Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas, and south to Georgia and Alabama.

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Everybody knows that fruits and vegetables are healthy choices, they’re full of fibre and vitamins, and they can ward off illness and disease. Our parents always told us to eat our vegetables, and now we know they were right, but do we actually eat enough of these health-giving foods?

And look at us now, surrounded by cheeseburger wrappings and French fry cartons, slurping on a milkshake for lunch and driving with the one finger that isn’t covered in ketchup. And even if you don’t eat fast foods every day, are you actually preparing and eating nutritious foods at home, or are you in the habit of just grabbing the potato chip bag and a package of Oreos for a quick and convenient lunch?

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